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Camp Copa's Experimenting Blog

Granger FIP - A place for us to discuss FIP ideas and strategies with each other.  

Miss Hyland's Reading Group - Hyland

Mrs. Kaplack's Reading Group 1 :)

Mrs. Kaplack's Reading Group 2

Mrs. Lyon's Class

Mrs. Reichelt's Online Class

Mrs. Yu's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Zacharias Art Page

Accelerated Biology

Advanced Placement Biology

American History - Arbour 

American History - Arbour/Budd

Anatomy and Physiology - Chierici

AP Chemistry

A.P. Government and Politics

Statistics - Latkovic

Chemistry - Martin

Chemistry - Chierici

General Biology

Geometry - Muniak

Geometry Concepts - Muniak

Gomez - Honors Modern World History

Gomez-Modern World History

Gomez - US Government

Highland Choirs

Honor's Geometry Pay

Honors Algebra II - Latkovic

Honors Biology - Chierici

Chemistry - Luker

Humanities Folkerth

Learning Center

Monsieur Murray Cours de Francais

Mr Brooks Moodle Class

PreAlgebra Pay

PreCalculus Pay

Regular Chemistry

Science Environmental Club


Spanish I - Abatangelo

High School Spanish II

Statistics - Muniak

U.S. Government

'8th Grade Social Studies- Lambert

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies class!  Mrs. Cassidy and Mr. Franchetti would like to thank you for reaching our Moodle page, and we hope that you will do well on your assignments.  You will take tests, some quizzes, and will complete some homework on this page.  We hope that you will also take part in our Enrichment Opportunities that will give you challenging opportunities and really engage you in our subject.   Keep coming to our page regularly to see what is new.   Have a great school year!

7th Grade Social Studies Radey/Poltis

8th Grade Social Studies Raczynski 2017-2018

Mrs. Raub, Sixth Grade Language Arts

Ms. Ciccolini's 7th grade Language Arts Class

Reinforcement activities

Rudolph Music

Science - Brothers

Sixth Grade Language Arts

Sixth Grade Language Arts Assessments

Teams Emperor and Team Pharaoh 

Title I - Subtle